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The Marina of Oropesa del Mar

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In the best location of the Costa de Azahar, the marina of Oropesa, has 14 commercial premises assigned to nautical shops, workshops and other activities associated with the port, as well as restaurants and various other leisure facilities.


Oropesa del Mar, a touristic resort in a privileged seaside setting on the Costa de Azahar , has a modern wintering port. With a land area of ​​62,281 m2, a calm water of 49,698 m2, and 706 moorings distributed on seven fixed type pontoons/piers pen air model, individually prepared with water and electricity.

El club

There are a large number of mooring points and a large selection of activities that take place in the port therefore the average number of visitors to the facility is around 1,000 people per day in the summer months, which means that the acquisition of premises in the Port of Oropesa is a guaranteed investment.


  • 706 moorings distributed in 7 piers in open air, supplied with wáter and electricity.
  •  Dry marine facilities.
  •  Land area: 62,281 m.
  •  Calm water, 49.698 m.
  •  Technical and administrative  port services
  • Wide commercial and nautical áreas


Priority use mooring prices.

If you own a yacht or any other type of boat, if you need a mooring in a wintering port, the Sailing Club of Oropesa del Mar offers you the mooring that you and your boat need.