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School Boat


Castellón – Oropesa del Mar

barco escuela proyecto


  • The construction of the School Boats aims to improve the conditions in which the teaching of nautical sports is taught in our province.
  • Spending the night on the School Boats will allow the cost of the program to be rationalized and the practice of nautical sports in Oropesa all year around, attracting fans and athletes from northern Europe throughout the year.
  • The local impact of the School Boats will be perceived at four levels: economic, tourism, sports and social.


The Oropesa del Mar Yatch Club has developed a project subsidized by the Provincial Tourist Board, belonging to the Castellón Provincial Council, for the construction of two School Boats in Oropesa that aim to guarantee the well-being of students and improve the quality of the teaching given at the Sailing School located inside the port.

The accommodation of the students and athletes of the Sailing School is currently a great limitation when it comes to attracting groups of children to participate in the Blue Weeks or the Summer Camps organized by the Sailing School. Given the difficulty of carrying out other initiatives, this project based on the construction of two boats prepared to house groups of up to 28 people solves the problem by guaranteeing the well-being and safety of young students and significantly increasing the capacity of the school .

barco escuela oropesa
barco escuela club náutico oropesa


The local effects of this project will be in several areas:

  • Tourism: the Oropesa del Mar School Boat will contribute to the seasonal variation of local tourism and will constitute an additional source of income in the province, helping to achieve the objective set in the Strategic Tourism Plan 2017-2020 of the province of Castellón of increasing a 30% income.
  • Sports: The School Boat will mean the technical improvement of the Club's athletes and an increase in participation in the competitions organized by this entity, contributing to an increase in the dissemination and practice of nautical sports.
  • Social: The sports and socio-cultural activities that the Club promotes and organizes represent a qualification of the tourist offer as well as a service to the town by maintaining local traditions. The Boat School project will surely involve the expansion of staff by hiring monitors, sailors and service personnel, which will have an impact on the occupation of the province and the local economy.

All this with notable economic effects on businesses near the Yatch Club related to tourism, nautical sports and restaurants, which will benefit from the increase in activity derived from the new routes of activity of the School Boats.

School Boat
School Boat


The hull consists of three cylindrical skids of 875 mm in diameter.
On main deck (stern to bow):

  • Access hall on board.
  • Spiral staircase on the port side, to access the poop deck.
  • Main access door.
  • Adapted toilet on starboard.
  • 7 double berths (14 places to spend the night on board).
  • Emergency exit door.

On awning deck:

  • Solarium.
  • Emergency exit door.
barco escuela caracteristicas
barco escuela habitaciones


It is a boat conceived in design category D, GRP, pontoon type and self-propelled by an outboard motor. It is intended to register it in the sixth list, in navigation zone 7 (protected waters).
Its main characteristics will be:

  • Total length. 11.40 m.
  • Hull length (LH). 11.25 m.
  • Total sleeve. 4.62 m.
  • Helmet sleeve (BH). 4.50 m.
  • Tracing prop. 1.00 m.
  • Cover thickness. 33 mm.
  • Freeboard strut. 1033 mm.
  • Estimated Thread Weight. 6.9 ton.
    • Maximum displacement. 8.6 ton.
    • Maximum draft. 0.43 m.
    • Recommended maximum power. 12 HP.
    • Number of bunks. 14.
    • Holding tank capacity. 300 liters
    • Construction material. PRFV.
    • Design category D.


The hull will consist of three prismatic pontoons, each 900 mm wide, and transverse rings with watertight bulkheads to compartmentalize the spaces.
The three pontoons will be laminated simultaneously by infusion, forming a single integral piece, thus achieving greater rigidity and structural resistance.

The geometry of the prismatic pontoons is equivalent from the hydrostatic point of view to that of the cylinders considered initially, so the buoyancy, stability and freeboard characteristics of the boat do not vary.

Platform structure.

  • The structural set up of the reinforcements that support the main deck or platform will be the one indicated in the plans, which is basically the following:
  • Five beams (transversal reinforcements) of dimensions 80 x 80 mm, filled with polyurethane foam of at least 36 Kg / m3 density, laminated with 1 layer of MAT 450 fabric and a layer of Mateglass PRO2.
  • Deck sandwich laminate, according to the laminate scheme indicated in the plan.
    The upper edges of each pontoon act as if it were 6 lengths or longitudinal reinforcements.
  • In this way, in addition to simplifying construction, greater structural strength is achieved and maintenance tasks in the future in this area are also minimized.
barco escuela proyecto

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